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Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care affords your loved ones the comforts of home and at the same time gives families the respite they need. This care is usually reasonable priced and may even be subsidized by certain local resources. Offered in community centers and through some senior programs, Adult Day Care provides social, recreational, meals, and sometimes transportation services. Does this sound too good to be true? It may be if your loved one does not agree. He or she may vehemently resist going to day care only adding to your stress. Unfortunately, in some communities, day care isn't available or the center does not accept those with Alzheimer's. Due to popularity and growing demands for such care, hopefully your community is one that offers this care.

Checklist for Adult Day Care

  • What days and hours is the center open?
  • Is the day care licensed? Check with the state health department for any substantiated complaints against the day care.
  • Is transportation provided to/from home? Is there an extra charge?
  • What is the cost? Hourly, daily or weekly? Is there financial assistance? Make sure you understand clearly what is and is not included in the cost.
  • What specific conditions are accepted? Incontinence? Persons in wheelchairs? Persons with memory loss?
  • What is the staff to participant ratio? How does it compare to state standards? What is the staff ratio to participants with dementia? What is the composition of professional and paraprofessional staff?
  • What activities are provided? Are there individual and group activities? Are the activities stimulating?
  • Are the meals well balanced and tasty? You may want to eat a meal.
  • Do you feel welcome? Is staff willing to spend time finding out what you want and need? Were the programs and activities explained?
  • Is the day care center clean odorless and pleasant?
  • How does the staff interact with participants? Is staff pleasant to the participants?
  • Is the furniture comfortable for the participants? Are there loungers for relaxation?
  • How long has day care been in business? Who is owner or sponsoring agency?