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Hepatitis B Shot Medicare Coverage Detailed

Your Medicare Coverage

Hepatitis B Shot Detailed

Coverage: Conditions that must be met before Medicare will provide coverage, and limits to coverage.

Medicare currently provides coverage for flu, pneumonia, and hepatitis vaccinations. Other types of vaccinations and immunizations are typically not covered by Medicare.
Flu Shots: Medicare covers one flu shot a year, in the fall or winter. All people with Medicare are covered.
Pneumoccal Pneumonia Shot: Medicare covers all people with Medicare for the Pneumococcal Pneumonia Shot (vaccine). One shot may be all you ever need, but you should discuss this with your doctor.
Hepatitis B Shot: Medicare covers the Hepatitis B Shot (vaccine) for all people with Medicare who are are at medium to high risk for hepatitis B. You should discuss your risks for hepatitis B with your doctor.

CoPayment: The amount you need to pay.

You pay $0 for a flu shot if the doctor or health care provider accepts assignment.
You pay $0 for pneumococcal pneumonia shots if your doctor or health care provider accepts assignment.
You pay 20% of Medicare-approved amounts for the Hepatitis B vaccine given in a doctor's office.
If the Hepatitis B Shot is given in a hospital outpatient department, you pay a set copayment amount.
You pay 100% for all other immunizations and vaccinations.

Medicare Part: The part of Medicare that pays for this service or supply.


Organization Name: The organization name that this coverage topic is associated with.

Important Notes: Details regarding important notes about the coverage.

You must pay an annual $147 deductible for Part B services and supplies before Medicare begins to pay its share.