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Second Surgical Opinions Medicare Coverage Detailed

Your Medicare Coverage

Second Surgical Opinions Detailed

Coverage: Conditions that must be met before Medicare will provide coverage, and limits to coverage.

Medicare will help pay for a second opinion before surgery. A doctor may tell you that you need surgery for a health problem that is not an emergency. This means that the surgery does not have to be done right away. You have time to talk with your doctor and decide what is best for you. Deciding what is best for you could include getting a second opinion from another doctor. A second opinion is when another doctor gives his or her view about your health problem and how it should be treated. Medicare will also help pay for a third opinion if the first and second opinions are different.

CoPayment: The amount you need to pay.

You pay 20% of Medicare-approved amounts.

You pay nothing for a second opinion for an Ambulatory Surgical Center procedure done in a hospital outpatient department.

Medicare Part: The part of Medicare that pays for this service or supply.


Organization Name: The organization name that this coverage topic is associated with.

Important Notes: Details regarding important notes about the coverage.

You must pay an annual $147 deductible for Part B services and supplies before Medicare begins to pay its share.