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Therapeutic Shoes Medicare Coverage Detailed

Your Medicare Coverage

Therapeutic Shoes Detailed

Coverage: Conditions that must be met before Medicare will provide coverage, and limits to coverage.

Therapeutic Shoes: Medicare covers therapeutic shoes for people with diabetes who have severe diabetic foot disease. The doctor who treats your diabetes must certify your need for therapeutic shoes. The shoes and inserts must be prescribed by a podiatrist or other qualified doctor and provided by a podiatrist, orthotist, prosthetist, or pedorthist. Medicare helps pay for one pair of therapeutic shoes per calendar year and for inserts. Shoe modifications may be substituted for inserts.

The fitting of the shoes or inserts is covered in the Medicare payment for the shoes.

CoPayment: The amount you need to pay.

You pay 20% of Medicare-approved amounts.

Medicare Part: The part of Medicare that pays for this service or supply.


Organization Name: The organization name that this coverage topic is associated with.

Important Notes: Details regarding important notes about the coverage.

Actual amounts you must pay may be higher if a doctor, health care provider, or supplier does not accept assignment.