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CarePathways.com was originated in 1999. We are a small business with less than 10 employees. Family owned and operated. Below is a brief bio of the principals:

Clare Absher - RN, BSN
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I graduated with a BSN and have worked as a RN for over 36 years with the majority of my career spent caring for elderly patients. After gaining valuable experience in acute care settings during early years, I was fortunate to discover my true passion lied within the field of geriatric nursing.

While caring for residents in assisted living and retirement homes, I gathered additional experience and insight into the needs of our aging population. I found it challenging to help them retain their independence and at the same time enjoy the comfort, security, convenience, and companionship that the Assisted Living concept affords.

In later years, working as a home health nurse proved to be an even greater challenge. I was quick to recognize that wearing many hats was necessary to help families cope with the obstacles they encounter while caring for loved ones at home. My role was not only a caregiver, but also an educator, patient advocate, and liaison to multiple community and medical resources.

I managed a home care agency for the past five years in my community. As the community nurse manager, my duties focused on performing needs assessments, evaluating levels of care, and developing and implementing appropriate plans of care for my clients and families. I have become acutely aware of the tough decisions these families may face when an elder care crisis occurs. Whether families choose to care for their loved ones at home, or are considering other care options, the common goal is to find the best solutions for them.

Jeff Absher - BS Computer Science
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I have been a software developer and systems analyst since the early 80s. I have developed several Internet sites over the years and try to keep abreast of the constantly changing industry.

I was recruited to design this site by my wife (Clare) and personally maintain it on a daily basis. I also personally review each new advertisement posted and make the appropriate changes to assure they display correctly.

I have purposely limited unnecessary images and flash to speed page loading where possible. I hope you find this site fast, navigable, appealing and useful.

Please find time to explore the vast array of information that the nurses have spent so much time and effort compiling. Their hearts are really into this and they are wonderful people.