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10 Ideas to Cut Costs of Assisted Living

By: Clare Absher RN, BSN

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Responding YES to some of these questions may help to reduce the cost of assisted living.

1. Along the same line as hotel ratings, can you manage to be comfortable in a "3 star" moderate assisted living facility as opposed to needing a “5 star” luxury facility?

2. Are you able to forgo a room with special views, a location close to common areas, ground floor, or with a balcony and patio?

3. Are you willing to move to an assisted living facility that is in a lower traffic, possibly quiet urban setting with less nearby conveniences such as shopping center complexes?

4. Are you willing to relocate to an overall lower cost of living area that may be some distance from your current home?

5. Are you willing to reduce your square footage living requirements substantially, which may accommodate only a few special pieces of furniture?

6. Are you willing to share an apartment or room with a roommate or share a bathroom in a suite arrangement?

7. Will you consider moving to a new assisted living facility with no prior track record or established reputation but that may offer new residents special moving in rates?

8. Is your family willing and able to share with some of the maintenance chores such as housekeeping, laundry and transportation?

9. Is your family willing and able to purchase medications and supplies outside of the assisted living facility at lower prices?

10. If you or your spouse is independent and in good health, will you consider living in the independent senior apartment area and bringing in a caregiver for the more dependent one?