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10 Questions to Bring on Your Senior Care Facility Tour

By: Clare Absher RN, BSN

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1. Is it easy to arrange for a tour of the facility within a few days?

2. Are you invited and encouraged to stay for a meal?

3. Are you free to talk with residents and other families in an unsupervised setting?

4. Are you able to meet the DON (Director of Nursing) and talk with other staff freely during visit?

5. Are visiting hours flexible? Are there other visitors and do they seem welcome?

6. Are you allowed to make an unscheduled visit and do you feel welcome upon popping in?

7. During busy mealtimes, do more dependent residents receive the help they need with eating?

8. Does staff interact with other residents and each other politely when unaware of your presence?

9. Is the "Daily Events / Activities Calendar" posted and is the facility following this schedule?

10. Is the most recent State Inspection report (for Nursing Home) posted in facility?