Sell Your Agency to a Prospective Client in the First Few Minutes of Contact

By: Clare Absher RN, BSN

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Most likely your initial contact with a prospective client / family will be a phone call to introduce yourself and your agency. It is crucial to establish an amiable rapport and promote your services from the start but at the same time listen carefully to your client's needs. Learn what matters most to your client and his or her family. Communicate your caregiving principles through highlighting your agency's practices and attainments.

  1. Describe a few unique attributes about your company such as locally owned, managed by a nurse or health professional, reputable franchise agency, or having been in business for a long time. Regardless, keep the personal to a minimum and focus primarily on a professional relationship built on genuine trust and competence.

  2. Disclose memberships, special awards or recognitions that your agency has achieved. Local, state or national awards for excellence in caregiving offer distinct creditability. Now is the time to lay claim to your accomplishments and express your pride in them.

  3. Advise on your agency's liability insurance, worker's compensation and bonding of employees. Educate the client / family on the importance of liability insurance to protect them in the event of an accident in the home and worker's comp to pay employees injured on the job. Explain that when employees are bonded the client may be compensated for possible theft in the home.

  4. Appraise your caregiver's qualifications including certifications such as CNAs, CPR training, Alzheimer/Dementia training, and the importance of ongoing in-services provided to staff.

  5. Detail the logistics of employee management that incorporates criminal background checks, obtaining references, license verification, in-home supervision of employees, and handling of payroll including tax with-holdings.

Lastly conclude with "I'm available at your convenience to make a home assessment visit. This visit is free and allows us to become familiar with your preferences and needs. We can also develop a plan of care together so that all will be on the same page as far as care expectations."