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1/28/2014Patricia, CA Getting paid to care for a disabled family member
 Q: I have a disabled son both mentally and physical he is 35 can was wondering since I am unable to work and he needs my care can I be paid to take care of him ? I also have a mother with Alzheimer`s Please let me know if this is possible I live in the ventu . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Hi Patricia, Thanks for reaching out about your caregiver role. Do you provide care for mother with Alzheimer’s disease as well as your son? Bless your efforts with your family. Currently, pay for family caregiving does depend on your state. The be . . . (click subject to read entire post)
1/18/2014diana, MO can i get paid for taking care of my mother
 Q: can I get paid for taking care of my motherwith alzheimers,ostio and psriodic arthritis,and has problems with her shpulders.needs help dressing and bathing.reminding her to take medication.also food preparation...?
 A: Hi Diana, This is a growing issue. Currently, pay for family caregiving differs state to state. The best place to start is your local Area Agency on Aging who can describe the Family Caregiver Support program for your area. The program is sponsored by the . . . (click subject to read entire post)
1/6/2014Susan, MO medical care for parent with Alzeimer`s
 Q: My mother has most, if not all, the signs of Alzeimer`s. She is refusing to go for an MRI to determine the extent of the disease. She has always been mistrustful of doctors. She also doesn`t understand her severe memory loss. Personal hygiene is also beco . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Hi Susan, You describe a very common problem. What has been a best next step is getting her diagnosed. The path to least resistance is to take mother to see her doctor. Generally the bond that has formed there over the years gains compliance when doctor o . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/8/2013daniel, MI caregiver
 Q: how do i get paid for taking care of my 93 year old grandfather with alzheimers/dementia? i have been taking care of him for 6.5 years now.he doesn`t have medicaid and i don`t think he qualifies for there anyway he could qualify for medicaid?
 A: Hi Dan Your compensation question is a popular one. The current response still comes from the state you reside in. Here are some helpful resources to help you start your research: http://www. . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/22/2013JOSEPH, CO Colorado Alzheimer Staffing requirement(s)
 Q: Karen, In the state of Colorado is it required to have a Registered Nurse assigned to a Alzheimer designated facility? Joe Duffy
 A: P>Hi Joe, Staffing is determined by the state regulations for nursing home or assisted living. Suggest to contact them directly with your type of facility. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South Denver, Colora . . . (click subject to read entire post)
4/24/2013Nichole, CA Service Contract
 Q: I had a friend who is starting up her own businesses for in home private care and I was working for her and I built a great relationship with the client and his family. The client got sick and went to the hospital and they wanted to stop services for the . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Hi Nichole, To answer your question correctly, your contract with the new agency would need to be closely reviewed and is best done by an attorney. Content of contractual agreements do vary. Best of luck; thanks for writing in. Karen L. Rice, LNHA, Ge . . . (click subject to read entire post)
3/14/2013Jennifer, NY Alzheimer Residents and staff
 Q: I`ve been working on a Alzheimer floor for 10 years and love it. We work in zones with a set number of residents and rotated everyday. My question Is having the same residents everyday for as long as your working there a good idea?
 A: Hi Jennifer, Consistency with an Alzheimer’s resident is comforting to the person so it is something I support. Many times turnover does not allow for such precious consistency. I commend you for your tenure. I can tell how much you love the job and I’m . . . (click subject to read entire post)
3/7/2013Susan, NY moving my aunt home from a nursing home facility
 Q: Karen, My aunt is 98 and has been in a nursing home for 10 years now. She has slow progression Dementia and is wheelchair bound due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has been a full pay patient this whole time and we live out of state. I know that since . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Hi Susan Suggest to research the work of Maggie Calkins, Ph.D. Maggie has designed many dementia care settings. You will gain tremendous insight from this link and be able to move forward: Recomme . . . (click subject to read entire post)
2/23/2013Won-J'az, GA Staffing for Alzheimer`s units
 Q: Karen, what is the source of your information on staffing ratios for Alzheimer`s units. You answered a question in 2004 that said that 1:5-7 staffing was probably an effective number. Thanks so much, Won-J`az
 A: Hi Won The staff ratio of 1:5-7 is based on evidenced based research. Every building I have worked in has been a specialized facility or unit for Alzheimer’s and staffing patterns have identified and supported this ratio for highest quality of care and q . . . (click subject to read entire post)
1/18/2013Connie, WA small home care
 Q: I can pay up to $5,000 a month. A patient now is in Nursing Home in Moses Lake, but ran out of medicare after 75 days and they want over 7,000. dollars and I cannot continue for a long time.
 A: Dear C., Thanks for writing in and reaching out. I will be in contact with you. Karen L. Rice, LNHA, Gerontologist, Mediator Alzheimer’s & Family Care Management Alzheimer Mediation For Dementia Conflict

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