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Alzheimer care

Posted: 12/30/2011
Shawn, WA:

Father in law has Alzheimers. Long Term Care thru state farm has ran out. No assets, except pension, 1 from military, 1 from pacific power and light, and his social security = 3600.00 a month. We asked and applied for medicad but denied. Say his pension is to much. We have no assets, my mother currently rents and lives on this money while long term care paid for his care. His memory care center now says we have to pay 6000.00 a month or they will be putting my father in law on the street. We dont know what to do. we have till Jan 31. Please help or advise. Thank you, Shawn


Dear S.,

Advise Power of Attorney to meet with a Washington state Elder Law attorney to review the facility’s residency agreement. I am unclear if assisted living or nursing facility but cost sounds like assisted living. Counsel should advise on the level of care stipulated in contract plus the document’s language concerning the move out section. At the very least, you should have a 30 day notice for transfer.

Also, check medical record for current status of assessment, and if longer than 90 days, have father-in-law reassessed to update level of care and need. Explore home care options as applicable.

Counsel should review Washington’s medicare and medicaid requirements and structure pension funds for accountability with the three year look back criteria. It is always best to move into a facility (nursing home, CCRC, etc) as private pay then spend down into medicaid as situation warrants. Attorney can help to substantiate this.

Regarding pension, as long as he remains alive, pension entitles him as the recipient of the funds; shared when spouses live together, however, institutionalization changes. Counsel can further clarify.

Suggest to have Counsel review the State Farm policy and explore why it "ran out". Explore coverage options at this time for mother.

Best of luck; thanks for writing in.

Karen L. Rice, LNHA, Gerontologist, Mediator

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