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1/2/2013James, CA Abuse Against Caregiver
 Q: Today unfortunately I had to leave a case due to constant abuse by the patient. The patient is a 89 year old man who recently had open heart surgery and has some dementia issues, resulting mainly from the anesthesia. His wife is 73 and is stressed out bey . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear J., Thanks for writing in. A case like this is deserving of attention by your agency and the individual’s physician. I hope you found your employer to be supportive to your needs and have been reassigned elsewhere by now. The only support gro . . . (click subject to read entire post)
11/3/2012Somers, VA father
 Q: My sister and I take of my Dad who has Alzheimer`s. Mentally and physically we can see that he is going to need more care than we are able to give him. Is there any one thing that will que us to accepting the reality that we indeed need to bring in hel . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear S., Thanks for reaching out. The disease has been categorized by stages for cognitive and behavioral change progression but the disease still is unique to the individual so I’m glad to hear you are already being mindful here. Wandering places . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/3/2012R., CA Alzheimer Long Care Facilities
 Q: I would like to know if a Representative could help me search for a Long Term Care Facility for Alzheimer, in the area of Long Beach, Torrance and Bellflower.
 A: Dear R., Thanks for writing in and reaching out. I will be in contact with you. Karen L. Rice, LNHA, Gerontologist, Mediator Alzheimer’s & Family Care Management Alzheimer Mediation For Dementia Conflict
8/29/2012aleta, CA Long term care insurance
 Q: I have been working for my friend who has alzheimer for two years and she has been paying me out of her own personal money every week. Her family just found out that she has long term care insurance can her long term care insurance pay me now
 A: Dear A., Longterm care policies feature specific criteria and coverage options. Best to direct your inquiry to the agent of the policy for coverage clarification. Best of luck; thanks for writing in. Karen L. Rice, LNHA, Gerontologist, Mediator Alzhe . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/28/2012Delores, TX Secure Alzheimer Unit
 Q: Why is it so hard for me to fine a facilty that take medicaid? Everttime that I find a secure unit for my sister,and her medical records are faxed over to the nursing home, noone will talk to me or return any of my calls. It is heart breaking because I ca . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear D., A facility with this type of response is far from a "fine facility". You do not want this type of customer service. I would encourage you to voice dissatisfaction directly to the Administrator, the owners of the building as well as your local Om . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/19/2012Debbie, OK mixed residents
 Q: Is it appropriate for alzheimers/dementia residents to coexist with psychotic younger residents? Is this common conditions in all LTC facilities?
 A: Dear D., You certainly raise an intriguing subject. To my knowledge, no, this case-mix is not common in longterm care facilities. I would not recommend it. Organizations I have worked with have a specific move-in criteria for dementia care. Individuals . . . (click subject to read entire post)
7/12/2012Rachel, CA staff ratios
 Q: Hello Karen, I read your post about staff ratio being 1:5 and 1:7. What about 1:6? Do you include nurses, medication techs, and life enrichment professionals in that number, or only caregivers? What hours of the day do you recommend this ratio? 24/7? If . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear R., Staff ratios are defined at the national level then redefined at the state level and vary by licensure and by state. The regs define the minimum requirement for level of skilled care. It is always recommended that facilities go beyond the minimu . . . (click subject to read entire post)
7/11/2012kathy, CA The Joint Commission
 Q: I am looking for a JACHO accrediated facility in Lancaster, CA for my mother
 A: Dear C., Nursing Home Inspector is a research tool here on Carepathways and a great place to begin searching. The National Institute on Aging also features a research instrument on their site. Most facilities market their Joint Commission certification . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/25/2012debi, WA What do we do legally?
 Q: My father has alzheimers and wants to stay in his owned home.His second wife wants to move him out to a elder care facility and stay in the home. She is not on the title and according to his will is not entitled to anything other than a pre agreed upon an . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear D., I understand that a Power of Attorney for finances has been designated for father but has a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare been put into place? Has a Living Will, Advanced Directive been executed that confirms father’s wishes? Kn . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/10/2012marjorie, IN no home will take him
 Q: I am so lost I can`t find a nursing home that will accept my husband.I`ve tried everything, he is a dementia patient 69 years old but gets combative when he needs changed. It generally takes 3 to change him. He has smacked two patients but didn`t hurt the . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear M., Husband needs an updated diagnosis. Knowing which dementia husband is diagnosed with will help all decision-making. Dementia is a syndrome. Dementia presents specific symptoms and behaviors according to type. Confirming type and corresponding ca . . . (click subject to read entire post)

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