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9/23/2004Patricia, MI Comforting my mother
 Q: Dear Karen, My mother has been diagnosed with dementia 3 yrs. ago. She is cared for 24/7 at home with continious daily care. 3 of us sisters do the cargiving with a 4th sister as an alternate. I love taking care of my mother in general, but lately her dem . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear P., The care and dedication you and your sisters provide your mother are most honorable. Let me give you some validation and touch suggestions to try for her peak anxiety times. When she tells you she wants to go home, take her hand in yours, touc . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/23/2004Rose, OH Question about DPOA
 Q: Frequently, I encounter individuals in LTC who are designated their own "responsible parties" for contact purposes. These individuals usually have healthcare POA`s too. When there is an incident, the nursing home wants the nurses to contact the family and . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear R., You are correct that the Durable Power of Attorney goes into effect once the person they represent is declared legally incompetent. While the person is still legally competent, however, he/she can certainly designate the personal information th . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/19/2004Mary, NY Alzheimer`s care
 Q: How can I get someone to help me with my mom? The drs. give her medication for anxiety & nothing is helping her. She is on Namenda & Reminyl for dementia. Also on anxiety medication, 2 different antidepressants, high blood pressure meds. I don`t know wher . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear M., I would have your case jointly reviewed by a geriatric neurologist and psychiatrist at NYU Medical Center. Here is the link to Patient Care at NYU Medical Center: NYU services for the patient with dementi . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/8/2004Linda, AK Dementia
 Q: Hi Karen, Is Dementia a form of Alzheimer`s?
 A: Hi L., Alzheimer’s Disease is one form, or one type, of dementia. The easiest way for me to think of dementia is "a group of symptoms" which are related to the acquired loss of intellectual (or cognitive) function produced by brain dysfunction affe . . . (click subject to read entire post)
9/6/2004Linda, MN Assisted Living plus Dementia
 Q: I`m looking for an assisted living + dementia facility for my Mother. I don`t know though, if she qualifies. She can walk with a walker - feed herself but probably needs help in the night to find/use the bathroom. Thank you
 A: Dear L., Assisted living facilities often have their own criteria set up (Move In Policy) for new residents to match up with. From what you describe, your mother certainly qualifies for assisted living with dementia.’s Alzheimer . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/30/2004Lori, AZ changing rooms
 Q: Hi Karen. My father has been in a nursing home now for about six months. When he first arrived there he was in a double room. He had an accident and feel so they moved him to a room that was closer to the nurses station which was a private room. Hes been . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear L., I think your experience demonstrates very poor customer service by the facility. There should certainly be more sensitivity concerning the transfer and far better communication by the Administration to the resident and to your family about wha . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/23/2004Sarah, SC 85y.o. Mother
 Q: I am living with my Mother and things are getting worse. Hearing noises, says someone is taking her belongings. She hides whatever she fears someone will take--then can not find it. Refuses to bathe or change clothes. Wants to be in control- self-centered . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear S., If you do not have a definitive diagnosis for the symptoms you describe for your mother’s behavior, you should have her evaluated. Your description sounds more in the realm of a psychiatric evaluation but what would be wise would be a full geri . . . (click subject to read entire post)
8/23/2004Jean, FL Florida law
 Q: Is there a law in Florida that regulates nursing homes to lock up soap, toothbrushes, shampoo away from patients in their private rooms so that a key must be asked for when they need even soap?
 A: Dear J., I am not familiar with state regulations for the state of Florida. I would suggest contacting the local Ombudsman with your inquiry. Thanks for writing in. Karen Rice
8/12/2004frances, GA homecare
 Q: we have just taken my mother to a nursing home. she is 90 years old. she loves her home in thomasville, georgia and would like to go back. she is not a rich woman and has only medicare and a state insurance but it does not cover the cost of live in help. . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: May want to try contacting the local social service dept in your area to inquire about lower home care cost programs that she might be eligible for Or place an ad in local papers, community college for privat live-in aid. Clare
8/11/2004Pamela, NC Jobs
 Q: I am looking for a job consisting homecare,and i am only looking for one in Winston-Salem North Carolina .Are there any available.I work with children with all types of disabilties,and I would enjoy doing part time in Winston-Salem with the Adults.
 A: Dear P., has a section for job seekers called "Employment". We welcome you to place your resume in this section to see what results in your area. You might also want to look at "Home Care" and contact the agencies that come up for this . . . (click subject to read entire post)

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