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6/27/2004melissa, TX nursing home job
 Q: I have been doing home health-care for 8 months now,I really enjoy it alot.I was wanting to see about working for a nursing home and getting my cna.However I`m not sure what the job requirements are to do that?
 A: Dear M., Nursing homes will welcome you with open arms! To work as a Nursing Assistant in a nursing home, you will have to go through your state’s Nursing Assistant training and pass the state test to meet nursing home requirements. Many nursing homes ha . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/23/2004Sarah, DE carepathways
 Q: Hi Karen, My name is Sarah. I am a first year nursing student in the UK.At the moment I am attempting to write about Carepathway`s and I stumbled upon your site. Iwas wondering if you could give me a definition. Iwould be extremeley grateful. THANKS. . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: A website created and maintained by Registered Nurses (RNs) dedicated to providing seniors and their families access to quality information, products and services
6/21/2004Linda, OH Adding to many drugs
 Q: My Mom is 83 and has had alzheimers for the past 7yrs she is now in a nursing home in Ohio. they say she is hitting and uncontrolable. TheDr. has put her on different drugs and she sleeps now they say that she needs mind altering drugs like ativan,depakot . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear L, The situation you describe is a common one told I’m sorry to say. I have found this same situation in nursing homes and assisted living facilities - particularly those without dedicated Alzheimer’s Units. What I tell families is that more and mo . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/16/2004Kathy, GA Tax Write Off
 Q: I am seeking a care giver to come into my home and care for my father or possibly in his home. I do not want to mess with paperwork, etc. Will I be able to turn in these weekly care giver expenses on my income taxes at the end of the year? If not, I just . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear K, I’m sorry but your inquiry is not in my area of expertise. Thank you for checking with us at Karen Rice
6/5/2004Gennie, AL Need a job
 Q: yes I am going to college now to get my cna lins.but I have worked for years in nursing homes and setting with the elder... something I love to do... can you please help me get a part time job why am in college... Gennie
 A: Dear G, You are welcome to post your resume on You may want to submit applications to facilities and home health care agencies that are close to your school. Check with your school’s Career Placement Center as well as the Area Agen . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/3/2004Cynthia, CA tracking braclet
 Q: Hi, I am a social worker in the San Diego aarea. One of my client`s son asked if there was aa tracking braclet that his mother could wear so it could be tracked where she was at all times. We have a caregiver that visits her on weekly basis. On occasion . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear C, I am only familiar with the Wander Guard. Check with your local Alzheimer’s Association about identification devices in addition to the Wander Guard. Keep in mind that such "surveillance" equipment is often objectionable to the elder and t . . . (click subject to read entire post)
6/3/2004Helen, MN alzheimer`s
 Q: What are the most telling characteristics of alzheimer`s?
 A: Dear H, ABC News did a remarkable story on Alzheimer’s characteristics by describing Ronald Reagan’s case. I think he would be pleased to have you learn about Alzheimer’s characteristics through this account because raising public awa . . . (click subject to read entire post)
5/29/2004maryladcock, TN dementhia
 Q: my mother stayed with me for two years before we took her to a nursing home she had a stroke and is confused a lot and cant walk icould not lift her i know she is being neglected and i want to bring her home but she only has medicare now the nursing home . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear M., I suggest you report your suspicions of neglect to your state’s Ombudsman. They will conduct a formal investigation of the charge. Do you have Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care? As legal representative for your mother, you may a . . . (click subject to read entire post)
5/26/2004Cynthia, GA My mother has alz disease
 Q: Can I get any assistance for her? I am her primary and only care giver. I am disabled. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and need surgery on my neck and lower back. I`ve had open heart surgery. I suffer from depression. I am in contanst pain . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear M. I am learning more and more about the perils of fibromyalgia from members of my own family - how my heart goes out to you! Your physical challenges clearly make the added role of primary caregiver an unwise choice for you, M. Are you your mothe . . . (click subject to read entire post)
5/24/2004claudia, NJ mom with alzheimers
 Q: we have had a live in caregiver for my mom for 17 monthes. we found her privately. she is unbelievable! mom looks great and they go out every day. work is getting much harder. mom needs full care now. caregiver is off every other weekend with a family mem . . . (click subject to read entire post)
 A: Dear C, There are many wonderful facilities, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. C, a lot here depends on you are defining "full care". I suggest if you have not gotten a geriatric assessment yet that you do so. This is more . . . (click subject to read entire post)

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