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What is Senior Housing?

Posted: 10/22/2001
Cara, TX:

What is Senior Housing? Is it a non for profit organization that is for lower income senior citizens? Do they have to meet state regulations? I am sure that they aren't nearly as strict as a nursing home, but I was curious what state regs if any that they have to meet.


Hi Cara,

Senior housing, sometimes known as independent living, is for seniors who can basically live on their own usually in apartments. This type of housing is planned, designed, and managed with the needs of older persons in mind.

These housing arrangements frequently offer an enriched lifestyle filled with recreational, educational, and social activities. Although personal care services are not provided, it is common for meals, housekeeping, transportation, and planned social activities to be offered. These services may be optional, however living among their peers and having certain housing features that are conducive to comfort, security and safety are inherent.

As for meeting state regulations, the answer is yes senior housing complexes do have certain criteria to comply with and it does vary from state to state. In some states there is assistance with payment, maybe even Medicaid and federal government subsidies enable some facilities to serve low-income individuals. Many of the state regs are focused on safety issues related to senior living.

I suggest searching under independent housing directory on our site to find if any senior housing is available in your area. Contacting your local Area on Aging to see if any such housing exists is another option as well.

Senior housing can be an excellent option if your senior can live independently, prefers living among peers, and does not want the bother of maintaining a home any longer. Hope this helps… write back if can be of further assistance.