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Speciialized Bariatric Nursing Facilities in NC

Posted: 6/4/2010
Sandy, NC:

Dear Clare,

I have healthcare POA for a friend who is 59. She is 5`1" and weighs about 350 lbs with multiple health problems including degeneratiive disc disease, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, heart condition, anemia and incontinence-to name a few, She is basically immobile and cannot walk. She currently lives at home and spends her time in a hospital bed. Up until a few weeks ago she could maneuver enough to shuffle, using a walker but while experiencing a great deal of pain, from her bedroom to a lift chair in her living room. However, the situation has worsened and I don`t believe she will be able to stay at home much longer. She is in constant pain. Is there a facility in North Carolina, hopefully, in the triad area--Greensboro, Winston-Salem-High Point or surrounding area, that specializes in long-term bariatric nursing care? She spent a month in a local nursing home last summer for some rehab after a hospitalization, but they were not equipped to handle the special needs of a bariatric patient. Thank you for any help you can give.

Sorry not familiar with any facilties off hand but would contact local social/health dept for possible referral.