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Posted: 7/8/2012

Hi Clare...My family is beginning the search for a companion for my dad and some help for my mom who is his primary caregiver. My dad still knows us, but he has very little to occupy himself... He can no longer read or do any of his past hobbies. He is bored and depressed and my mom is stressed. We are looking for caregiver agencies in their area, Grantham NH to be a companion and do light chores... Thank you... Karen Moses and family

Hi Karen,
Refer to our homecare directory to get contact info on avail agencies in your area and specifically look for non-medical home care. Undertand that this type of custodial home care is privately paid for and costs range from $15-$20/hr. Another option is adult daycare to consider even if only a couple days a week for mental stimulation and helping give mother much needed respite. Also refer to local community colleges and nurse aid programs where caregivers may be looking for private jobs. Read article on private hire