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My Mother`s long term care options

Posted: 1/9/2003
Jason, CA:

Questions: Hello . Here`s a little background mother has cancer and she is in a lot of pain She was admitted to City of Hope were they cared for her. My mother has extreme Limp edema in her legs and she is unable to walk. Furthermore when radiation was done on her It caused her rectum to almost close so she needs help with constipation. Basically what I`m trying to say is that she needs constant care .. She tired coming home and having my dad take care of her but she soon wound up back at city of hope it was all but impossible to care fore her at home. City of hope has moved her to a Nursing home in Glendale . The Place is really ugly and she was very upset and was crying and is very depressed Its very hard to see my moms life like this now .. It was just a year ago she was still walking and living a normal life .. I would like to know of any other options we could try any nursing homes in southern CA that are recommended especially in the Claremont, Montclair, Ontario area. What about home care is there nurses that come to your home? She is on medical.. I would appreciate any advise or help you could give me

Hi Jason,

I am very sorry that your mother has been suffering so this past year. A few ideas that come to mind are1st talking with your local social service dept about home care assistance via Medical which is CA medicaid program. (most state’s Medicaid programs provide some home care) Find out exactly how much service she is entitled to and see if this if this enough to keep her home. Possibly may be able to add some private caregiver assistance to cover more of care in addition to what county provides. Another option might be Hospice depending on how advanced her cancer is where she could recieve home care or go to an inpatient facility. Hospices are known for providing quality and compassionate care. It may be that this is not appropriate at present. A third option-nursing home care needs to be explored further. Sign up to use nursing Home Inspector tool on our site to research the top rated homes in your area of interest and review their inspection reports. This is a good screening tool prior to actually planning visits. If you do visit any homes be sure to take along one of our checklists. I wish you and your family the best at this extremely difficult time.