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Below are previously submitted questions answered by Clare. They are sorted by date with the most recent first. There are many pages of Q&As so feel free to browse through them or use the search box above to find a specific topic.

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Becca, IL paid to take care of parent
Question I am a CNA. I had to quit my job, move in with my mother, get a part time job, to take care of her. How do I get paid for doing this? I called the local DHS they have no idea what I am talking about. I know I can get paid for doing this but can`t find any . . .
Answer This is an ongoing very popular question that I am asked almost everyday. There are some programs still around for family paid caregivers and advise to start by calling at your state level.Department on Aging
Division of Older American Services
. . .
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Tiffany, MD Who to get in contact with
Question I have been taking care f my uncle for two years now and I am just certified as a cnA/gna and as a med tech and I was wondering who do I get in contact with to get paid to take care of him being though I don`t work because he need 24 hour care
Answer The number one question of the year is how to go about getting paid to be family caregiver and understandably so. start by contacting your

State Dept of Aging
State Office Building, Room 1007
301 West Preston Street
Baltimore, MD . . .
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kristina, AZ my disabled mother
Question My daughter is only 19 years old and has had to continually step up more and more over the years as my disability has worsened. She goes to a community college and lives at home because she cant leave me alone for longer than a few hours. I would like to . . .
Answer Try contacting family caregiver program in your state of Arizona

AZ DES, Aging & Adult Administration
1789 W. Jefferson, 950A
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-4446
Fax: (602) 542-6575 . . .
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leslie, MA how can i get paid for taking care of my disable h
Question my husband is disable and I take care of him I have heard that I can get paid for this but I don`t know where to start
Answer Start by contacting your state office that oversees family caregiver program.
Executive Office of Elder Affairs
1 Ashburton Place, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 222-7405
Fax: (617) 727-9368 . . .
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Leslie, MO Compensation
Question Can my sister who has been the full time care giver to our mother for some time now be compensated by the state of Missouri? Kansas City/Gladstone? Thank you, Leslie McCormick 619-405-7944
Department of Health & Senior Services
P.O. Box 1337
615 Howerton Court
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1337
(573) 522-1080
Fax: (573) 751-8493contacting state office that over sees family caregiver programs . . .
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Megan, IL How to become a paid caregiver to my mother
Question Hello Clare, I reside in Illinois and have had trouble finding information on how to become a caregiver for my mother. She will 60 at the end of this month and has psorastic arthritis and is unable to do many things for herself. I would like to find a w . . .
Answer Try your atate contact for family caregiver program.
Barb Schwartz
Department on Aging
Division of Older American Services
421 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 524-5327
Fax: (217) 785-1564
barb.schwa . . .
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Joanna, TX Can I get paid to care for my mother?
Question My mother is diabetic and unable to take care of herself. She has to have help with bathing and cooking and just getting around at all. She has fibromyalga and weighs over 300 lbs. She has numerous reasons for being in the shape she is in but too many to . . .
Answer Check in your state to explore family caregiver programs that might be available.
Gary Jessee
Office of AAA Support and Operations
Department on Aging
701 W. 51st Street
Austin, TX 78714-9030
(512) 4 . . .
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Yadira, PA stroke.
Question My dad recently had a 2 stroke back in dec2013. In Puerto Rico. And now he and my mom are both living with me in Philadelphia I was wondering what step will I have to go thru. And can`t work is it possibly. To get paid for being his caretaker. I being car . . .
Answer Explore possible family caregiver programs in your state
Dan McGuire
Department of Aging
Forum Place
555 Walnut Street, 5th Fl
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1919
(717) 783-6873
Fax: (717) 783-6842
dmcguire@ . . .
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Debbie, AZ Autistic Daughter
Question I have a Autistic daughter I wanted to know if I could be paid to take care of her. What would I have to do to be a family care giver
Answer Try contacting your state family caregiver program

AZ DES, Aging & Adult Administration
1789 W. Jefferson, 950A
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-4446
Fax: (602) 542-6575
. . .
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Armer, FL Family Caregiver
Question My mother is 72 years old and is very, very sickly. She is a Diabetic, COPD, on 4ltrs of oxygen continuous 24/7, High Blood, One Kidney, Cellulitis on her diabetic legs and Blood Clots (Just diagnosed with blood clot in right leg on 2/26/14. I am unemploy . . .
Answer Hi Armer,

You may want to explore the possibility of gettting paid to be a family caregiver. Contact in your state of FLORIDA
Christie Kucera
Department of Elder Affairs
4040 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 41 . . .
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