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Below are previously submitted questions answered by Clare. They are sorted by date with the most recent first. There are many pages of Q&As so feel free to browse through them or use the search box above to find a specific topic.

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Mary, MD Home Health Care Business
Question Hello Clare, my name is Mary and I am a CNA and have a certificate in Alzherimers. I currently work for home healthcare company, but I don`t like the way she runs it. Now my question is what is the best way to start a business. How can I have a home h . . .
Answer Contact your state licensing dpet and request a start-up kit package . . .
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TRACY, TN Need Clientale
Question I am new to this field and having problems with getting clients. What do I need to do to get clients?
Answer Hello Tracy,

Marketing your business is critical via every avenue available to you. Establishing a large internent presence is critial today for successful recruiting of clients. Internet advertising is very cost effective and you may want to c . . .
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Alana, GA Starting a Home Care Agency
Question I have been looking at your site and find it loaded with information. So my question is: Can you just start a Personal Home Care following basic rules and regulations or do you need to go thru a state agency or program.
Answer Contact your state for start-up info and will get you started. . . .
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michelle, NC starting home health ageny
Question I want to find out starting my own home health agency in n.c.
Answer Great please refer to article on our site I recently wrote about starting home care agency. . . .
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Christina, IN In home adult day care
Question Hi Clare my name Is Christina and I have been a cna and a chha for about 12yrs now and I been thinking about openning up my own in home adult day care. But I need help on how to go about thing like how to get started and who I need to talk to can you plea . . .
Answer Contact state licensing board to ask for start-up info package. . . .
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Shannon, VA Providing a home for elderly people.
Question Hello Clara, I would like to provide a safe relaxing place for elderly people to live, but I`m a little confused of which type of place it will be considered. At first I thought it would be a home care facility but after searching online that`s not the ty . . .
Answer Read my article titled New HomeCare Startup . . .
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Raul, CA info on lic for assisted living
Question live in ca. want to know were to start with lic. certifications and any other requierments.I want to start a home of any type. any info you can give will help.
Answer Read my article on " New HomeCare Start-up" GO to this link to learn more. . . .
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jessica, CA my business
Question hi my name is jessica im not sure wether your the right person to talk to about but i am trying to make a business about helping senior citizens with their daliy chores. or organizing things etc. im not sure where i should put up flyers or even if im alou . . .
Answer You might try posting these flyers at local senior centers, elder care facilities, and contact area agency on aging for possible referrals along with county social services and health dept. . . .
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Rachel, NJ How to start a home care agency in NJ
Question I want to start a non medical home care agency. I have not been able to find out the guidelines for licensure in the state of NJ can you tell me how I can get this information.
Answer Contact your NJ Health Licensing Dept likely thru their Health and Human resources division and request guidelines. In addition this agency may be able to assist: New Jersey State Department of Health & Senior Services PO 367 Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0 . . .
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Lydia, NY In home care for elderly
Question I would like to offer inhome care for a elderly person,where is the best place to advertise or best way to find some one who needs this care. Lydia
Answer Post a free reume on our site for prospective employers to view. . . .
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