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Below are previously submitted questions answered by Clare. They are sorted by date with the most recent first. There are many pages of Q&As so feel free to browse through them or use the search box above to find a specific topic.

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Wendy, NC Bed sore
Question How do you bath a person with a bed sore when it`s not dressed. What do I need to dress the sore properly. Pretty bad sore
Answer A bed bath or shower is acceptable with an undressed bedsore as water spraying on or getting into an open sore is not detrimental. Simple washing with soap and warm water is adequate for bedsores as they do not require sterile procedures like that of surg . . .
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Dina, GA Medicaid certification
Question I`m a Cna with over 10 years experiences. I also have others credentials. I want to know how Can I be Medicaid certified so I can go into Private care and be able to take clients that only Used Medicaid. I live in Georgia . Thanks
Answer I believe that you have to be employed by a homecare agency that is Medicaid certified in order for your private clients to be reimbursed by their Medicaid insurance. Most if not all states have strict Medicaid regulations to oversee in home care reimburs . . .
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Victoria, NY My mother
Question My mother is presently in the acute rehab section of Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY. She is 78 years old and has several issues, some of which are heart, lungs (COPD), and sleep apnea, (although it has not been "officially diagnosed as o . . .
Answer Hi Victoria,

I am sorry for your mother's extensive health problems but seems she is most fortunate to have your support. It is very unlikely that Medicare will provide any coverage for night time caregivers. CNAs (certified nurse assistant) ar . . .
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Diana, TX Caregiver
Question Hello Clare, my grandma became ill, got surgery, and then was diagnosed with cancer. I take her to her drs appointments as well as her chimotherapy and due to this I had to quit my job. Many relatives have advised me to seek the benefit of being her careg . . .
Answer Hi Diana,
Getting paid to care for a family member is a need that many are experiencing today in order to enable their loved ones to stay at home and age in place rather then relocate to a long term care facility. However the problem is that their ar . . .
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stephanie, SC nursing for 84 yr old grandmother
Question My grandmother had a stroke in Oct. of 2012. She has been to several homes that were supposed to help her. She lives at home but needs full time care. Paralyzed on right side. How can I go about getting a nurse during the day for her? She has medicaid and . . .
Answer Nurses for in-home care usually provide skilled care such as complex wund care, IVs and such. She most likely needs a CNA (certified nurse assistant) to help her with daily activities. Medicare does not cover these costs but suggest finding a non-medical . . .
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Ann, KY Any options for nursing care
Question My brother in law is 60 years old, hasn`t worked for 7 months and is in the hospital with acites, respiratory problems all due to diabetes. He has no medical coverage, doesn`t own a home and has no savings. He is basically unable to take care of himself. . . .
Answer You may need to consult with social worker at hospital or local county social services dept to ask for help re-applying for Medicaid right away. He is likely to qualify with very limited income and assets you mentioned in your note. He may then be able to . . .
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Victoria, IL caregiver job
Question Where can I find job taking care of elderly people where the government can pay me I went to CNA classes i have my certificate but I couldn`t do my state exam?
Answer Hi Victoria,
You might want to reconsider taking CNA certifcation exam as can be of huge help to your future job outlook. Most long-term care facilities and in-home care agencies require state certification. Many local community colleges and even nur . . .
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Lynn, NY nutrition
Question Hello Clare, My next door neighbor is an 89 year old lady who lives alone. Her family is over 45 minutes away and they only visit once a week. I have been giving this lady dinner every night for the past 4 years. I also lay out her medication each day. S . . .
Answer Hi Lynn,
It sounds as if you are a guardian angel to your neighbor. Bringing her over meals you have prepared is very kind. I'm sure you are trying your best ot offer a well balance meal with protein, vegetables and fruits . Ask the family if they mi . . .
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Jessica, CA App mattress
Question Hi claire, I have a question about convalescent home APP mattresses .. My question is Can we add a pad on an APP matress besides the bed sheet on the matress and the resident using a diaper? Is it Right is it wrong or against any regulations?
Answer Yes you can use pads and diapers with APP mattress. You can actually purchase specific pads that are meant to me used in this capacity on air flow mattresses. You may order them in our estore at and will ship them in bulk to help save . . .
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Samantha, AZ Long Term Care Agency
Question I noticed that there are several agencies listed on your website for Home Health. I am trying to make arrangments for a family members LTC policy which requires a licensed home care agency. Are the agencies you recomend licensed?
Answer Yes they are licensed and include both medical or nonmedical homecare agencies. You need to determine whether it is non-medical care that you need which includes personal care, meals, transporation and housekeeping services or is it skilled nursing or reh . . .
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Page: 2 of 130   Listings: 11-20 of 1298