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Below are previously submitted questions answered by Clare. They are sorted by date with the most recent first. There are many pages of Q&As so feel free to browse through them or use the search box above to find a specific topic.

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Raymond, NJ Need an Assisted Care Facility
Question How do I find a facility for my mother, age 85, in Monmouth County New Jersey, that is covered with Medicade and Medicare. Please help. Thank you, Ray Ferrara, Son
Answer Use our Nursing Home Inspector service on our site to find homes and see inspection reports. . . .
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Rita, TX Long-term care facility in Tyler, TX; Smith County
Question Is there a NICE, CLEAN facility that takes Medicaid residents in Tyler, Smith County, Texas? If more than one facility is there a rating scale for comparison? Thank you. Rita Smith
Answer Check our Nursing Home Inspector service for homes that are medicaid certified with good inspection reports and then narrow down to ones to plan a visit. . . .
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C, CA Choosing a facility
Question My mom just had a amutation of her right leg due to no circulation caused by diabetes. As she recovers, now 2 weeks, they are saying that she isn`t strong enough to go straight to a rehab facility, so convelesent homes have been reccommended until she get . . .
Answer No it does not have to be the norm but realize many do have offensive odors. Sometimes have to go with your gut feeling about a place when you visit however be sure to check their rehab dept and speak with Director of Nursing to get a feel for the service . . .
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Sherrie, TX Texas Nursing Homes for Vent patients
Question locate nursing homes that accept vent dependent patients
Answer I’m sorry but don’t know this info offhand however suggest location the NHs you prefer using our Nursing Home Inspector service on our site and then contacting about vent care. . . .
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Barbara, GA No Subject
Question I am looking for a nursing home that accepts Alzheimer`s patients in the Valdosta Georgia area. I have an aunt currently in the hospital in Waycross Georgia that needs this type facility.
Answer Many NHs accept alzheiemr’s patients so suggests using out NH directory for contact info. You can also sign up for the NH inspector service to review and screen the better performing ones to help with your decision.
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Thomas, IN Pets in nursing homes
Question What would it take in the state of Indiana to allow for personal pets to stay with the persons being cared for who are in the nursing home.
Answer Need to check with your state dept of licensing as have different rules or contact some local NHs in your area as some do allow pets while others have strict rules against. . . .
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Vicki, KY NH that takes vent and dialysis pt
Question do you know of any Nursing Homes that accept ventilator dependent & dialysis patients? We need placement for these type patients in or near Kentucky when they are stable to leave rehab on a vent but need dialysis also.
Answer No I’m sorry but do not however might try contacting your local long-term care ombudsman for referrals. . . .
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Darlene, TX Facility
Question My aunt is currently on a breathing machine and may have to be for the rest of her life. The hospital is saying nursing homes do not accept patients on breathing machines. Do you know of facilities that accept patients expected to be on breathing machines . . .
Answer I dont’t know of any specific ones in that area but may find it necessary to look for a facility that specializes in vent care. . . .
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Lois, MI long term care rehibilitation/60 woman@550+lbs.
Question Clare, Hi how are you? I have a female friend, she is 60 years old, weight above 550# would be my uneducated guess. At this time she is in a living health facility in Dearborn Heights and getting no where fast. She is not able to walk and it is really d . . .
Answer I am sorry but not familiar with these facilities however might try contacting you local Area Agency on Aging to see about referrals possibly. . . .
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Barbara, MO one- two weeks respite care options
Question My father lives in Camden County Missouri. He is the primary (and only) caregiver in his home of a companion woman friend with mulitple respiratory and pulmanary health problems. He is 90 years old and so is she. I am concerned that he is burnt out and ne . . .
Answer Yes many offer respite care for short-term situations and would contact a few local homes to find out which ones do. . . .
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