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Bedside Tip of the Week

11-20-14    More Tactics to Persuade your Parents to Accept Home Care
Emphasize that their preferences and needs are the main priority during the entire planning process for in-home care. Remark that "Mom you can decide on the time the caregiver will visit and what outings you might like to go on." Or "Dad you can request the caregiver to cook some of your favorite home cooked meals." Persuade them to agree on a free in-home care assessment visit by suggesting "You can get checked out by the nurse and we can at least hear what they have to offer but not commit to anything." Negotiate with them to agree on a trial run by trying in-home care for a week or maybe on a very part-time basis initially.

10-14-14    Strategies to Convince Your Parents They Need Home Care
Tactful planning might begin with confiding in your parents that you agonize about their welfare which causes you constant worry and uneasiness. You might say, "Knowing you have a caregiver helping you at home would be a huge relief and give me peace of mind". Another approach would be explaining that in-home care is vital to allowing your mom or dad to stay in their home. You can reason with them by saying "I know how much it means to you to live independently, but without help, this will likely not be possible." The long-distance family caregiver clearly has even more justification for urging their parents to hire in-home caregivers.

10-6-14    My Parents Need Help But Refuse In-Home Care
Know that you are not alone in the daunting task of convincing your mom or dad that they need in-homecare. Distrust, invasion of privacy, expense, resentment and often simple denial that they need help are universal objections conveyed by parents. This is a very common dilemma faced by families everywhere so rest assured you are not alone with concerns and frustrations. Resourcefulness, persistence and especially pre-emptive strategic planning must be employed to succeed in getting your folks to accept care that they need. Focus on achieving this outcome even if you have to employ some questionable tactics that enable your parent's to remain in their home.

9-17-14    Benefit from Skin Barrier Products
Keep a healthy supply of skin barrier products on hand to use generously as they are vital and cheap. As a visiting nurse I never travel without my bag full. Whether you prefer wipes as I do or lotions and sprays, these products fundamentally work the same by protecting skin and strengthening adherence. No limit to skin barrier applications including using under hydrocolloids (Duoderm), transparent dressings (Tegaderm), tapes, adhesives, anchoring devices for IV, catheter tubing, condom catheters (Texas catheters), and stoma wafers. Reducing need for unnecessary dressing changes proves them to be cost effective as well. Skin barriers are essential to fragile skin of elderly persons to avoid breakdown.