Home Health Care Milford, CT 06460

Home Health Care in Milford, CT can be categorized as either non-medical (home care) or Medicare certified (home health). Non-medical home care includes personal care and help with everyday activites, while Medicare certified home health care ranges fom skilled nursing to physical / occupational therapy. Choose a tab below to compare home care agencies in Milford, CT. Feel free to contact agencies by phone, or request a follow up. Caregivers and health care professionals in Milford, CT will work together to establish the best plan of care for your loved one.
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Executive Care
Milford, CT ( 7 miles)

Executive Care of Stratford is operated by a family who has dedicated their lives to providing quality in-home care services. Before in-home care starts, our no obligation, face to face meeting gives opportunity to clients and family...

Casvanwhi Private Home Care LLC
Milford, CT ( 8 miles)

Casvanwhi Private Home Care LLC (C.P.H.C.) was Created by Diane E Reid, who is a hands on C.E.O.  With thirty years of Experience. The Motto of C.P.H.C. Is Keep Me Home, Having a Sick Child and Parent of her own, makes care more...

Good Samaritan Home Care Solutions
Milford, CT (10 miles)

If you`re looking for high quality and personal service, you`ve come to the right place. At Good Samaritan Home Care Solutions we’ll give you the attention and personal service you`ll come to expect and enjoy. We are Connecticut`s...

White Rose Home Healthcare Agency, LLC
Milford, CT (10 miles)

White Rose home care is a full - service team of home care professionals working together to provide In - Home services that are client- centered. We aim to keep the Family in the Family by catering to varied needs. We continuously ...

Sunshine Caregiver
Milford, CT (10 miles)

We can tailor a program specifically for the need of each client,We offer the best, compassionate care for elderly.It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of our clients,and that is exactly what we...

Seven Stars Home Care Services,Llc
Milford, CT (12 miles)

Seven Stars Home care services,LLC Home Care at it's finest! Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see satisfied clients and family members. We pl...

No Place Like Home Care
Milford, CT (15 miles)

We`ve been in your shoes so we know what you are going through. We know that a good fit is essential to good care. Our services are flexible to meet your needs. On-going staff training and supervision ensures that things continue...

Dependable Care LLC
Milford, CT (17 miles)

Our purpose at Dependable Care is to promote a higher quality of life for the elderly and aid in how the world ages. We help your loved ones stay independent and safe at home. This enables them to live happier, healthier, and longer...

Stay At Home Care, LLC
Milford, CT (17 miles)

Full service home care agency located in North Haven, CT currently servicing all of CT. We offer a free in home consultation to work with you and your loved ones to keep your loved one in the comfort of their own home with respect...

Quality Care Services
Milford, CT (17 miles)

Our mission is simple: Quality Care Services is dedicated to providing the highest standard of homecare services in Connecticut at affordable prices The care you need. The compassion you want....

Stellar Homecare
Milford, CT (20 miles)

Stellar HomeCare is a boutique home care agency that provides non-medical home care services in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Our mission is help seniors and people recovering from illnesses or surgery to live safely and comfortab...

Elite Care Solutions, LLC
Milford, CT (20 miles)

To provide quality care at reasonable rates to elderly and disabled persons....

Guardian Angels Homecare
Milford, CT (22 miles)

We are the #1 Preferred Choice in HomeCare for Connecticut!! We specialize in custom home care with multiple options for hourly or live in care. We are on call 24/7 and service the entire state of CT. We provide Homemaker/Companion...

Precious Touch Home Healthcare, LLC
Milford, CT (24 miles)

Precious Touch Home Healthcare, a truly distinct and caring agency, provides comprehensive screening of all Caregivers to ensure that quality individuals take care of your loved ones. Precious Touch Home Healthcare goes as far as...

Horizon Homemaker And Companion LLC
Milford, CT (26 miles)

Since 2007, Horizon Homemakers and Companions LLC, has been providing in-home assistance for the elderly with homemaking and companion services.  In 2011, we expanded our area of expertise to include chore and personal care...

Milford, CT (27 miles)

Affordable quality and experienced hhas cnas lpns rns bsns spend and also nurse techs...

Fairfield Family Care
Milford, CT (28 miles)

Our mission is to offer our clients, your loved ones, the very finest personalized non-medical care, allowing them to live safely and comfortably in their homes, and also offer comfort in an assisted living facility. • We strive...

Love And Caring Home Care Agency LLC
Milford, CT (49 miles)

Love and Caring Homecare LLC believes that every individual has the will to achieve the lifestyle they have always wanted, no matter what point they are in their lives. It is our goal to always work hard and provide the best care...

Synergy Homecare
Milford, CT ( 6 miles)

SYNERGY HomeCare is a franchise company founded in 1999 offering a full range of non-medical home care services. All caregivers go through a careful interviewing process, national background check, and home care training program before...

Family Care Vn & Home Care Agency, LLC
Milford, CT ( 7 miles)

Family Care is committed to helping in the home. It is our goal to provide personalized care to you and your family in your time of need. As a family owned and operated...

309 seaside ave
milford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077143
Medicare Certified: 1982

546 boston post road
milford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077262
Medicare Certified: 2014

305 boston avenue, suite 308
stratford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077232
Medicare Certified: 2002

999 oronoque lane
stratford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077205
Medicare Certified: 1995

99 hawley lane, suite 1101
stratford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077218
Medicare Certified: 1997

88 ryders lane
stratford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077001
Medicare Certified: 1966

605a orange center rd
orange, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077078
Medicare Certified: 1966

80 ferry boulevard, suite 203
stratford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077233
Medicare Certified: 2003

375 bridgeport avenue, suite 310
shelton, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077221
Medicare Certified: 1997

765 fairfield ave
bridgeport, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077028
Medicare Certified: 1966

56 quarry road
trumbull, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077175
Medicare Certified: 1989

399 orange street, 1st floor
new haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077228
Medicare Certified: 2001

one long wharf
new haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077012
Medicare Certified: 1966

175 jefferson street
fairfield, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077247
Medicare Certified: 2010

444 foxon road
east haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077223
Medicare Certified: 1997

370 james street, suite 303
new haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077246
Medicare Certified: 2009

24 scott street
hamden, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077225
Medicare Certified: 1998

100 double beach road
branford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077119
Medicare Certified: 1977

112 washington avenue
north haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077240
Medicare Certified: 2007

278 state st
north haven, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077133
Medicare Certified: 1981

14 westport avenue
norwalk, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077200
Medicare Certified: 1994

21 church street
naugatuck, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077229
Medicare Certified: 2001

753 boston post road
guilford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077006
Medicare Certified: 1966

33 north plains industrial road
wallingford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077159
Medicare Certified: 1984

200 connecticut avenue, suite 5f
norwalk, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077234
Medicare Certified: 2003

1157 highland avenue, suite 101
cheshire, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077254
Medicare Certified: 2011

68 southfield avenue, suite 215
stamford, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077136
Medicare Certified: 1981

1340 worthington ridge
berlin, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077248
Medicare Certified: 2010

136 berlin road
cromwell, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077163
Medicare Certified: 1984

2080 silas deane hwy, 2nd fl
rocky hill, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077239
Medicare Certified: 2006

1344 silas deane hwy
rocky hill, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077158
Medicare Certified: 1984

30 stanford drive
farmington, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077162
Medicare Certified: 1984

370 silas deane highway
wethersfield, CT 06460
Provider Number: 077235
Medicare Certified: 2003

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