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These nifty devices may be just what your loved one needs to be more mobile indoors or out. Added stability, safety, and walking comfort are all important benefits gained through using rollators in place of walkers. A lot less costly then electric scooters and in certain situations just what is needed to regain or maintain independence. When choosing model type, consider features that are important to you such as product weight, portability, weight capacity, and wheel size.

Bariatric Rollator by Probasics Bariatric Rollator by Probasics
Invacare Rollite Rollators / Walkers / Accessories Invacare Rollite Rollators / Walkers / Accessories

Nurse's Notes

Bariatric Rollator by Probasics:
  • Well priced new heavy duty product from Probasics now avaialble that has all the necessary options for improved mobility with greater weight capacity for safety needs of larger individuals.