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ISG10110A-EA Prod ID: ISG10110A-EA

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Stable chrome-plated welded steel base. Handle assemblies may be rotated for proper fit for right and left-handed use. Offset handle with orthopedic handgrip provides better fit and added comfort. Push button height adjustment. Anodized aluminum shaft. Weight Capacity 250 lbs.

Nurse's Notes

Quad canes offer some stability and partial assistance with balance problems. Although they don't offer nearly the support of a walker, they do help more then a regular crook cane and are useful to those with limited weakness and unsteady gait. Smaller base aids climbing stairs securely and comfortably while larger base gives added support and stability.

Small Base Adjustable Quad Cane
Small Base approx 5'' x 7'' Height Adjusts 31''-40'' in 1'' Increments
Prod: ISG10110A-EA Manf: Invacare QA Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $29.99

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