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INV9670-EA Prod ID: INV9670-EA

Article By Clare Absher RN, BSN: Safety Modifications for a Senior Friendly Bathroom

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Invacare I-Class heavy-duty transfer bench makes getting in and out of the bathtub safe and comfortable. Extra sturdy, blow-molded bench holds up to 400 lbs. Reversible backrest snaps in and out to accommodate right or left transfers. Textured, non-slip seat has drain holes and built-in slots for hand-held showers and soap. Durable 1" aluminum frame will not rust. The legs have rubber tips for extra safety. The one-piece seat is 33" wide x 18" deep. The frame height adjusts from 31.25'-35.75'. Product weight is 12 lbs.

Nurse's Notes

Many homes do not come equipped with a walk-in shower or your loved ones do not have access to it. When this situation arises, I usually advise families to get a transfer tub seat which allows for safe transfers from the outside to inside of the tub. Transferring over the tub wall is a difficult task for the caregiver and loved one to manage without having the right equipment. TIP: Recommend getting hand held shower to reduce water leakage. Also consider investing in a raised toilet seat or commode frame for the same bathroom safety reasons and to allow more independence.

Heavy Duty Transfer Bench by Invacare
Seat measures 33'' (W) x 18'' (D). Height adjusts from 31.25'' - 35.75''.
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Price: $76.99

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