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HDisposable Underpads with super absorbent polymer are used to protect bed linens, furniture, and to assist with repositioning individuals. Quilted mat provides enhanced fluid dispersion. Interior liner is soft, vented and non-irritating to users skin. Outer barrier is soft and resistent. Latex-free. For light wetting use the Regular pads, for more absorbency use the Extra, for maximum fluid absorbency use the Ultra Plus pads.

Nurse's Notes

Reducing laundry is a huge issue for all our family caregivers. These underpads help keep linens and furniture clean and dry.

Disposable Best Selling Bed Pads (Case)
36'' x 36'', Extra, Case of 100
Prod: SQ361CA-CS Manf: SCA Personal Care Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $76.99

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