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SQ370CA-CS Prod ID: SQ370CA-CS

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Especially designed for use on Low Air Loss Therapy Beds. Works in tandem with specialty beds to maximize air circulation. Nonwoven topsheet is gentle against skin. Breathable nonwoven backsheet allows air to circulate for healthier skin while protecting the mattress from excessive soilage. Fresh scent superabsorbent polymer helps to improve absorbency for greater security and skin dryness.

Nurse's Notes

Reducing laundry is a huge issue for all our family caregivers. These underpads help keep linens and furniture clean and dry.

Disposable Best Selling Bed Pads (Case)
Designed for Low Air Loss Therapy Beds, Case of 60, Size: 23'' x 36'', Breathable
Prod: SQ370CA-CS Manf: SCA Hygiene Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $69.99

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