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ZRUP3654R-EA Prod ID: ZRUP3654R-EA

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Re-useable and washable bed pads are a cost-saving alternative to disposable bed pads. Protects beds, chairs and other furniture Four-layer protection is soft and comfortable. Qilited Ibex1 top layer. Nonslip, waterproof, PVC-coated vinyl backing. Medium absorbency, 8-oz. soaker. Machine washable. Latex-free* and DEHP-free Machine washable and dryable.

Nurse's Notes

Re-useable washable bed pads are a cost-saving alternative to disposable bed pads. They are not only cheaper than disposables but offer better protection from incontinence. Initially you may be apprehensive that washable bed pads will generate more laundry however on the contrary they actually reduce workload on busy caregivers. Disposable pads are more likely to permit leakage on bed sheets from incontinence whereas more absorbable pads are able to contain accidents. Saving demands on caregivers’ valuable time due to less frequent bed linen changes is always appreciated. Washable bed pads with waterproof backing will not only improve protection from incontinence compared to their disposable counterparts but also double as a sturdy draw sheet. Draw sheets function to assist in turning your loved ones from side to side and pulling them up in bed to help position them more comfortably. In this manner the multipurpose reusable bed pad serves dual functions that are valued by caregivers. Reusable bed pads are made of soft cozy cotton quilted material that enhance comfort and improve skin integrity in contrast to that of irritating paper plastic-like disposables. Moreover washable bed pads can be used in combination with disposable pads allowing additional control of incontinence. Disposable pads used sparingly in conjunction with reusable pads are a practical solution and yet a budget friendly compromise. 

Re-usable Washable Bed Pad
Size: 36 '' x 54 ''
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