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BedCaddie Helping Hand by Standers

BedCaddie offers a helping hand to a sitting position in bed.
Features and Benefits:
• Quality nylon strap construction with durably sewn seams
• Adjustable length adjusts for variable mattress sizes
• Contoured Buckle– Provides easy attachment to bed
• Cushioned Grip Handles– Provides comfortable gripping surface
• Strap Length: Adjustable up to 45”
• Grip Length: 36”
• Handle Grip: 5”
• Weight Capacity: 300lbs
• Product Weight: 2 lbs
• Package Dimensions: 10” x 9” x 2”

Nurse's Notes

New sensible product with simple design for helping one to get from laying to sitting position in bed independently.

BedCaddie Helping Hand by Standers
Adjustable Length for Different Mattress Sizes, Weight Capacity: 300 lbs, Product Weight: 2 lbs
Prod: STD2085-EA Manf: Stander Stock/Returns: Special-Order
Price: $27.99

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