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Invacare Trapeze Floor Stand

Helps patients change positions in bed and transfer from bed to chair with minimal assistance. Invacare trapeze floor stand provides free standing support for model INV7740P trapeze when application on headboard is not available. Heavy-gauge, octagon-steel 1.25" construction. Nylon coating ensures a secure grip on handbar. Wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets protect bed ends and wall surfaces. Base Length: 40" Base Width: 32" Overall Height: 38" Product Weight: 24 lb Warranty: 3 years. * Painted gray (not chrome) as shown in image.

Nurse's Notes

Trapeze bars are an important patient room accessory designed to help patients change positions while in bed, and aid in the transfer from bed to chairs with minimum attendant assistance. This more portable device for homecare beds serves the same basic purpose as those made for hospital beds. They are also invaluable for caregivers as they reduce back strain caused by pulling and lifting their loved ones.

Invacare Trapeze Floor Stand
Weight Capacity 250 lbs Folds flat for storage, Use with model 7740P trapeze when application on headboard is not available
Prod: INV7714P-EA Manf: Invacare Stock/Returns: Drop-Shipped
Price: $149.99

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