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ProCel Protein Supplement ProCel Protein Supplement
Spillproof Container 2-Handle Plastic Mug Spillproof Container 2-Handle Plastic Mug
Spillproof Container Kennedy Cup Spillproof Container Kennedy Cup
Thick and Easy Instant Food Thickener Thick and Easy Instant Food Thickener
WaterProof Mealtime Protectors WaterProof Mealtime Protectors

Nurse's Notes

ProCel Protein Supplement:
  • Protein is a nutrient that we need every day. It is required to build, repair and maintain healthy tissue. As part of a balanced diet, protein is found in many foods. When you are not able to eat enough protein foods, supplements may be necessary. Protein Supplements such as this one can help you achieve your daily protein goal. Be certain to consult with a Registered Dietitian or your Physician in order to know your protein needs and prior to using such supplements.

    Spillproof Container 2-Handle Plastic Mug:
  • For those with shaky hands or with limited dexterity will help allow independence.

    Thick and Easy Instant Food Thickener:
  • When having trouble swallowing following strokes and other medical ailments sometimes by thickening the food it can make swallowing easier and reduces the chances ot choking. Liquids and hard, tough foods are the most difficult to swallow for those with this problem.

    WaterProof Mealtime Protectors:
  • When eating becomes difficult wearing a bib may be needed to avoid soills on clothing creating extra laundry. Also may help avoid a burn from a hot food or liqid spill.