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ProCel Protein Supplement

This new and innovative protein supplement offers a cost-effective alternative for both oral and enteral consumption. Consult with your doctor reagarding use of this product or any protein supplements prior to taking as it may not be advised. ProCel® dissolves instantly upon contact with all liquids and blends easily with a variety of foods. It is transparent to patients because it does not have a distinct odor and it will not alter the taste of foods or liquids. Because it dissolves instantly, mixes without lumps and stays dissolved without sedimentation, it offers the best protein supplement for enteral feeding... imagine no more G-tube clogging episodes and minimum feeding tube maintenance. ProCel® has a high concentration of whey protein, the highest quality form of protein available. It also offers the highest level of essential and non-essential amino acids. One scoop contains 5.3 grams of protein and 28 calories.

Sample Menu Ideas
Hot cereals: Follow preparation stir in 1 tablespoon or a scoop of ProCel™ Protein Supplement, then heat...dissolves instantly.
Cold Cereals: mix 1 scoop of ProCel™ Protein Supplement with cereal and milk.
Add to baked muffin, quick bread recipes - mix ProCel™ with the liquid in the recipe and continue with your baking.
Add to pasta dishes - mix 1 scoop of ProCel™ with cooked sauce. Dissolves instantly.
Gelatin: prepare gelatin as directed, then add 1 scoop ProCel™ Protein Supplement per serving as listed in package. Dissolve instantly and finished product is translucent.
Instant Puddings: Prepare instant pudding as directed on package, stir in one scoop ProCel™ Protein Supplement per serving as listed on package.
Dissolves instantly.Your coffee (tempered, not extremely hot), Tea or Cocoa...imagine getting protein with every cup you drink!!! Stir in 1 teaspoon or tablespoon or 1 scoop of ProCel™ Protein Supplement, it instantly dissolves!
Any beverages: milk, juices, soda pop, seltzers
Turn plain broth into a protein packed delight; prepare soup, chowder or broth as directed. Add 1 scoop of ProCel™ protein supplement, instantly dissolves and ready to eat.

Nurse's Notes

Protein is a nutrient that we need every day. It is required to build, repair and maintain healthy tissue. As part of a balanced diet, protein is found in many foods. When you are not able to eat enough protein foods, supplements may be necessary. Protein Supplements such as this one can help you achieve your daily protein goal. Be certain to consult with a Registered Dietitian or your Physician in order to know your protein needs and prior to using such supplements.

ProCel Protein Supplement
10 Ounce Can- 43 Scoops per can/1204 Calories
Prod: GPGH80-EA Manf: Global Unlimited Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $24.99

ProCel Protein Supplement (Case)
Case of 6 Cans 10 Ounce Cans- 43 Scoops per can/1204 Calories
Prod: GPGH80CA-CS Manf: Global Unlimited Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $104.99

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