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View Large Image Convenient for travel and easy storage as it folds in half. Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with plastic serrated gripper that opens to 3" wide. Magnetic tip retrieves small metal objects. Ideal for multiple tasks and kitchen use. Ergonomically designed handle for ease of use. 26-1/2" Long.

Nurse's NotesI have seen them used by many homebound patients who are confined to bed or a chair. Offers some independence and relieves caregivers of interruptions. TIP: Also makes a cool gift for the person who seems to have everything or might not realize what he/she is missing.

Reacher Reacher
Folding Model
Prod: ISGHE11740000-EA Manf: Invacare QA Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $27.95
Reacher Reacher
Standard Model
Prod: ISG11720000-EA Manf: Invacare QA Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $24.95

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