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WaterProof Mealtime Protectors

Waterproof adult bib that is attractive, dignified clothing protection. 100% brushed cotton front with full size impermeable backing protects from spills. Snap closure in back. Washable. Absorbent and waterproof to keep clothing clean & dry. Complete protection against spills & scalding Total chest and lap protection while seated or in bed. Comfortable, adjustable fit.

Nurse's NotesWhen eating becomes difficult wearing a bib may be needed to avoid soills on clothing creating extra laundry. Also may help avoid a burn from a hot food or liqid spill.

WaterProof Mealtime Protectors
18'' x 36'' - Full Length Bib- One Size Fits All. COLOR: Floral
Prod: ISG5914771-EA Manf: Invacare QA Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $13.99

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