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Cholestrak Home Cholesterol Test Kit

CholesTrak®, the first and only FDA approved noninstrumented, quantitative home test device for measuring total cholesterol, utilizes the AccuMeter® cassette which has been scientifically tested by cholesterol with results in 12 minutes - no fasting required. CholesTrak® allows you to determine your cholesterol level quickly, (12 minutes), simply, and conveniently in your own home, office or while traveling.

With this easy-to-use kit, you will know in minutes if you; 1. Have a healthy cholesterol level or 2. Should consult your physician. For peace of mind don't take chances, find out today how your cholesterol trend really is.

Requires one or two drops of blood from the fingertip. Wait two minutes and pull the sidetab to start the reaction. Read the test device just like a thermometer and refer to the chart to interpret total cholesterol level. (Not for use by hemophiliacs or those taking medicines that thin blood.)

Nurse's NotesHigh cholesterol can be a cause of heart attack and stroke but with early detection of cholesterol trends, heart problems can be treated more effectively.

Cholestrak Home Cholesterol Test Kit
Includes Supplies for 2 Tests
Prod: ACU80202-EA Manf: AccuTech Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $29.99

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