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Dual Position Comfort Wedge

Uniquely designed pillow supports and cradles neck, back, shoulders, and head. Used horizontally as a bed wedge for sleeping. It gently elevates the head for easier breathing. Used in the upright position vertically it provides comfort and support for sitting. Polyurethane foam with removable washable polycotton cover.

Nurse's Notes

This multipurpose wedge pillow may come in handy while caring for your loved ones at home. I especially like their practical use of raising a person's head when he or she is short of breath. Another use that I found is to elevate swollen legs due to injury or edema from circulatory impairment. The foam is gentle to the head and neck when used as a support.

Dual Position Comfort Wedge
Color White 22''L X 19''W X 12''H. Washable Cover
Prod: HFMJ1795-EA Manf: Hermell Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $34.99

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