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Women's Ultrasheer Support PantyHose

UltraSheer Support PantyHose Stockings with 8-15 mmHg gradient support is the perfect hosiery for any casual, work, or elegant occasion. Extremely sheer with reinforced toe offers extra durability. Sheer heel and beautiful floral lace french cut panty. Comfortable waist band. Incredibly durable. Jobst SupportWear (8 – 15mmHg), using special compression technology, enhances circulation so your legs allowing them to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Swelling is minimized. Jobst’s compression therapy can make a real difference in leg health. Refer to sizing link above.

Nurse's NotesStanding and sitting for long periods of time can cause your legs to ache and feel tired. Blood pools at the ankles and has hard time returning. 8-15 mmHg SupportWear gradient compression stockings give a gentle squeeze at the ankles and up the legs to get your blood flowing back toward your heart. This helps relieve that tired achy feeling in your legs. Great for lengthy plane travel and any periods of immobility.

Women's Ultrasheer Support PantyHose
Latex Free, Size: Waist Large, Color: Beige
Prod: BI117235-EA Manf: BSN - Jobst Stock/Returns: Special-Order
Price: $23.99

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