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558841-CS10 Prod ID: 558841-CS10

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Nonsterile, natural latex examination glove, powder-free to eliminate powder induced irritation, airborne particles and the risk of powder contamination. Superior comfort with all of the benefits of powder-free protection in a soft, supple glove. Extremely low levels of extractible chemicals and soluable proteins help minimize the incidence of skin sensitivity reactions. High tensile strength with beaded cuff for easy donning and textured surface for added grip.

Nurse's Notes

Get powder free if prefer no leftover residue or if powdered cause skin irritation, but powdered ones slip on easier. TIP: When removing gloves; pull off 1st glove inside-out so dirty side is not exposed, then hold this glove in other gloved hand while removing it (again inside-out) so it ends up inside of it to avoid exposure and allow safer disposal. TIP: Sterile gloves are only required for sterile procedures and not for routine care so don't waste your money on them. "Cheaper by the dozen" You can go through lots of gloves very quickly, if used only 5 times per day you will expend a case of 1,000 gloves in only 3 months.

Powder Free Latex Gloves (Case)
SMALL, CASE of 10 Boxes (1,000 Total)
Prod: 558841-CS10 Manf: Reliamed Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $69.99

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