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881870-CS6 Prod ID: 881870-CS6

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Design fits most face sizes and head shapes allowing standardization to a single respirator for use in the OR, for patient care and throughout the rest of the healthcare facility. Approved N95 particulate respirators/surgical masks. Appropriate where N95 respirator is recommended, they meet CDC guideline for MTB exposure and help reduce exposure to airborne particles (e.g., laser or electrocautery plume). High fluid resistant masks pass ASTM highest level of 160mm Hg for fluid and splash resistance. NIOSH approved as a Type N95 respirator to meet OSHA requirements and CDC guidelines for TB exposure control. Tests conducted by NIOSH in accordance with 42 CFR 84. Can be used during laser surgery, electrocautery and other procedures using powered medical instruments to help reduce wearer exposure to airborne particles generated during these procedures. >99% BFE1 to help reduce patient contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms. Does not contain either natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber as components in the product or its packaging. Hypoallergenic to reduce chance of allergic reaction.

Nurse's Notes

A popular choice among professionals in many healthcare settings

Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks-Type N95 (Case)
Case of 6 Boxes of 20 Masks (120 Total), Flat-Fold, Color Teal, Size Standard
Prod: 881870-CS6 Manf: 3M Healthcare Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $149.99

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