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Powder-free, Medium Sized, Sterile Polymed gloves are fusion bonded, a special manufacturing process that actually infuses synthetic polymers into the latex creating a stronger bond against wear and tear. This creates a multi-layer glove that combines the elasticity of latex and the strength of copolymers, protecting against cracking and peeling in normal usage. Other manufacturing processes may simply apply a topical copolymer coating to the latex glove. Without fusion bonding, copolymers can fracture, creating particulate residue, and possible delamination. Sterile for aseptic procedures, such as wound care, burn care, and prepping patients. Ambidextrous with Beaded Cuff. Single Use Only Sterile pairs, Turned-up cuff in peel pouch.

Nurse's NotesIf the glove will be used during invasive procedures or when any type of sterile field is required, choose a sterile glove. An invasive procedure is considered as entry into tissues, cavities or organs, or repair of major traumatic injuries.

Sterile Latex Gloves (Box-40)
Box of 50 PAIRS per Box, Size: Medium, Sterile, Powder Free, Ambidextrous with Beaded Cuff
Prod: DX2452-BX40 Manf: Dynarex Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $59.99

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