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For moderate to maximum absorbency. QUICK WICK® improves product performance and wearer comfort with faster absorbency and leakage protection. Soft, cloth-like outer fabric and breathable zones prevent heat build-up and help maintain skin wellness and comfort. The refasten zone with Easy-Lock® closure system allows for multiple refastenings, improved fit, accurate sizing and cost savings through reduced waste. Odor Guard™ protection helps prevent odors from forming. The Bariatric Brief features stretchy panels that are easy to grab, pull and attach securely even under stress.

Nurse's Notes

This is a hard to find size for larger adults or obese persons with incontinence problems. This diaper style is best suited for those who require a caregiver to change when soiled.

Prevail Specialty Briefs- Bariatric (Case)
Extra Extra Large 62''-73'' Waist, CASE of 48 Each
Prod: FQPV017CA-CS Manf: First Quality Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $56.99

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