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FQPV517-PK12 Prod ID: FQPV517-PK12

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Ideal for men and women who want the look and feel of underwear. The soft, stretchable, clothlike back sheet provides an incredibly secure and comfortable fit. Ventilated panels allow air to freely migrate to the wearer, improving skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up. Advanced core design and fast absorbing Blue Stay-Dry Strip significantly improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage, providing improved odor control, healthier skin and additional wearer comfort. For moderate to heavy incontinence. Latex free.

Nurse's Notes

Pull -up style is growing in popularity among family caregivers. Some of them tell us that their loved ones can dress themselves easier when using this style but tear away tabs still allow of quick removal. Regardless keep plenty on hand for everyday use.

Prevail Protective Underwear (Pack-12)
EXTRA EXTRA-LARGE, 68''-80'' Waist, Pack of 12.
Prod: FQPV517-PK12 Manf: Prevail Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $19.99

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