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Use for transfers between a wheelchair and a toilet, between a chair and a wheelchair and transfers between a chair or wheelchair and a bed. An individual with impaired mobility from paralysis or limited upper body functions can use the SafetySure Transfer Pivot Disc (SST Pivot Disc) unassisted in a very efficient way. If the patient cannot use his/her upper extremities a helper will be needed. The SST Pivot Disc is designed for use by patients who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs. For maximum support and safety for both the patient and the helper, it is recommended that either a Belt or a Sling be used in conjunction with the Pivot Disc. The lightweight and convenient grip handle makes the Pivot Disc easy to use and carry. The Pivot Disc is made of three high quality polymer plates, one turning on top of the other. The SST Pivot Disc is equipped with anti-glide tape on top to help prevent slipping when a patient is standing on the Disc.
Not suitable for hardwood or tile floors. Customers reported that the base may skid.

Nurse's Notes

General Instructions: Place Disc on a non-skid type floor (as in carpeting) with the label facing downwards. The patient's feet are positioned completely on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both patient and helper. The handle of the Disc should be placed facing the patient, to prevent interfering with the feet of the helper. The helper should place one of his/her feet on the disc to safely monitor and control the transfer. After using the disc it should be removed from the floor to avoid accidents.

Transfer Pivot Disk
13 Diameter, Weighs 1.5 lbs for Portability, 300 lb Weight Capacity
Prod: RI5081-EA Manf: Mobility Transfer Systems Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $64.99

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