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RMB31300-CS3 Prod ID: RMB31300-CS3

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Heavy Duty extra weight capacity raised toilet seat. More comfortable easy-to-clean toilet seat adds 4.25 of inches to height and features a wide 10' x 9.75' opening, curved design, and a smooth high-quality finish. The Safe Lock system ensures safe use and easy installation. Weight Capacity 500 lbs. Product weight is 2.55 lbs.

Nurse's Notes

Stronger then most raised seats and designed to accomodate larger weight capacities. One of the biggest problems for those who are weak and frail is difficulty getting on and off commode seats due because of their low position. This simple device solves the problem by raising the height to a comfortable level with less intrusion then that of framed commode chairs. Also consider investing in a shower or tub seat/bench for the same safety reasons and to allow more independence.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Raised Toilet Seat (Case)
(Case of 3) 4.25'' H x 14.5'' W x 16.63'' D, Adds 4.25'' of height to toilet seat.
Prod: RMB31300-CS3 Manf: Carex Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $167.99

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