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First Quality SleepOvers Youth Underwear First Quality SleepOvers Youth Underwear
Prevail Protective Underwear-Youth Prevail Protective Underwear-Youth
Prevail Specialty Briefs- Youth Prevail Specialty Briefs- Youth
TENA Petite and Youth Briefs TENA Petite and Youth Briefs

Nurse's Notes

First Quality SleepOvers Youth Underwear:
  • These hard to find youth size pull-ups fit older children when in they are between standard toddler and adult sizes incontinence products. These pants feel more like regular underware to help improve the overall well being of children as opposed to plastic backed products or those designed more like diapers.

    Prevail Protective Underwear-Youth:
  • Pull-up style is most favored among physically challengesd youth as they are fit and feel most like regular under pants and more comfortable then other styles. Encouraging independence by allowing the child to dress him or herself including using these pullups is crucual to building self esteeem.

    Prevail Specialty Briefs- Youth:
  • This brief is a simple diaper style designed to allow easy changes for physically challenged youth or possibly very small adults. 

    TENA Petite and Youth Briefs:
  • This size is difficult to find and often is the answer to older fit children with incontinence as well as very thin adults. The brief or diaper like style is easiest for caregivers to change.