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KENDALL's external catheter is soft, lightweight natural latex rolled sheath. Large drainage connector permits attachment to connective tubing or to a collection bag. Optional self-adhering elastic foam strap for holding catheter in position. Hard plastic tip Indidually packaged, Size - standard.

Nurse's Notes

Also known as Texas catheters to many, this external catheter is soft and pliable much like that of a regular condom. Works well for many who are more comfortable with this style rather than the harder less pliable type.

Texas Catheter (Case)
Size: Standard, Take Home Package, Case of 12 Boxes with 12 Catheters and 24 Individual Packaged 1'' Foam Straps per Box (Total 144)
Prod: 61731300-CS12 Manf: COVIDIEN Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $119.99

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