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FN10312-EA Prod ID: FN10312-EA

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NO Rinse. Ca-Rezz Original Wash has been formulated with an antimicrobial agent to provide the extra level of protection for today's increased health risks. Intended for frequent daily use. Stop Odors. Reduces risk of cross contamination. This advanced skin sanitizer is effective against many of today's complex pathogens. Antimicrobial as it removes infectious microorganisms that can cause painful rashes, bed sores and decubitis ulcers. pH Balanced, Soapless Cleanser that is kind to sensitive skin; maintains skins natural health Rinseless and quickly and efficiently removes feces, diarrhea and urine with the least amount of discomfort and distruption. Alcohol Free No sting formula. Deodorizes and effectively reduces embarrassing and offensive odors associated with incontinence. Eliminates odors from clothes and bed linen when added, with regular detergent, to the laundry.

Nurse's Notes

A versatile rinseless cleanser is s good alternative for those in between times of regular bed baths or showers when time and convenience is limited and great for incontince clean-up measures.

Ca-Rezz Wash Original Rinseless Formula
12.5 Oz Bottle
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