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Youth size Pull-on and Pull-off Design with Extra and Super Absorbency. The pull on and off design allows the wearer to put on and take off like regular underwear for added convenience and discretion. It is made of a soft, breathable, outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation. Latex-free and fits a wide range of wearers with a silky, soft, outer fabric that provides a softer and even more comfortable fit, just like regular underwear. Advanced core design and fast absorbing, blue, tay-dry strip significantly improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage, providing improved odor control, healthier skin and additional wearer comfort. Ventilated waist panels allow air to freely migrate improving skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up. Comfortable waist panel gives a close, discreet fit. Designed for both urinary and bowel incontinence. Color coded band designates back of underwear and size. Stretchable waistband.

Nurse's Notes

Pull-up style is most favored among physically challengesd youth as they are fit and feel most like regular under pants and more comfortable then other styles. Encouraging independence by allowing the child to dress him or herself including using these pullups is crucual to building self esteeem.

Prevail Protective Underwear-Youth (Case)
Youth / Small, 20''-34'' Waist. Color: White, Case of 88 Each
Prod: FQPV511CA-CS Manf: Prevail Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $57.99

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