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SQ54950-PK14 Prod ID: SQ54950-PK14

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A more discreet style of gender specific disposable underwear with a snug, body close fit. Efficient, highly absorbent core positioned and designed for women for moderate to heavy bladder control protection. Features super absorbent technology with micro beads for advanced leakage protection effective both day and night. Soft and cottony material for maximum comfort and discretion. Designed to feel like regular underwear with a soft and narrow comfort waistband and constructed using a soft cloth-like material that can be easily pulled on and off . pH balanced to effectively fight odors.

Nurse's Notes

New very comfortable style made just for women makes sense due to better fit female body shape as well as key location of more absorbent materials. It may come as no surprise that ordering by the case helps save time, money, and have less chance of running out.

TENA Protective Underwear for Women (Pack-14)
EXTRA LARGE, 48''-64'' Waist, Pack of 14
Prod: SQ54950-PK14 Manf: SCA Personal Care Stock/Returns: In-Stock
Price: $22.99

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